Best way for swap between levels and held all status?

Hello! I have a character with inventory, equiped itens, he have 6 status bars like health, stamina and so on. I bought a calendar system too, so I have a day cycle, date time and so many stuff.

So, whats the best way currently to change the levels back and forth and stay with the same status all the time?

I have NPCs and quests that after completed, when back for the level they cannot reset for default state too. I googled some things, and I just discover the persistent level, and another way is to work with instances tables and structures, but many topics are for 2014.

So I was wondering whats the best and easy way to do that todays, and If exist some tool on marketplace that help do that!

Thanks in advanced and have a great day :).

Hi man,

The variable you want to store throught the levels should be placed in the gamemode, i think is the simplest thing we have.
So you should get the player and let him make a copy of his inventory in the gamemode, you can have your own gamemode , but remember to set it in the project.

Keep in mind that Gamemode are peersistent throught levels, but once the game is closed tthey get closed too.
For store variable throught “games” you have to save a saveslot!

Actually a new gamemode instance is created with every new level. You must be confusing it with Gameinstance. Gameinstance is the one that exists between levels.

Check @Yun-Kun answer in What should I do in GameMode, GameState, and PlayerState? - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums.

Really sorry man XD my bad !

Thanks @EvilCleric