Best way and tip for start archi design

hello i am beguiner o, unreal engine
i want to build my futur house
how to work with cm units and use a 2 plan for modelisation ?
import 2d image in brush ?
create house in blender and export (type export) ?
thanks for all tips and recommendation

Creating the house in blender is your best option.

cool any important tips for blender connection ?

any way to do a basic mod with meter units directly in engine ?

-make sure that you uv map your mesh
-add a lightmap to your object (when you want to use static lights)
-choose the correct scale 1uu = 1 cm
-use the latest version :slight_smile:

for a house you recommand :
-1 mesh
-1 mesh per element
no way to live connect between blender and uu
thanks for all

If you can work in Maya I think this is easiest to work in, but Sketchup is a good program for architectural design, and you can download furniture and things like windows and doors (even actual windows and doors by manufacturers you are considering) and plug those into your house.

You export as an FBX, but when it comes to how it comes into UE4, you will need to make sure that you export parts of models, so that you it auto generates colliders in UE4. You can create your own, but it’s a whole topic that needs a little investigation on your part to properly do it.

You can do a basic mod directly in the engine using BSP brushes. It will also generate stairs in various configurations for you. I find BSP difficult to work with, but with what you are doing it sounds like it might be the most direct route because you don’t have to worry about UV setup, and you don’t have to worry about problems with shadows.

You could also combine this with elements from the Sketchup library, i’m sure even without Sketchup you could probably find models of things like the windows you need as Sketchup or FBX models out there someplace with some searching, and doors, and even furniture. This would give you a leg up, because you could model the basic shapes of your house in UE4 with BSP brushes, but fit in things like the windows and doors and furniture so that you have more detail that you won’t get from BSP brushes. (BSP is for blocking in things and even dummying up a map).

I work in Sketchup, I find it clunky but I have changed all my hotkeys to mimic Maya hotkeys for navigation (which i find to be one of the biggest problems between software, lack of a universal hot-key system, although UE4 and Maya are pretty closely aligned).

I find Blender difficult to use and somewhat arcane, but if you aren’t used to using a modeling program it won’t matter for you if you’re just learning.

If you work in Maya you can choose to work in Centimeter or Feet (don’t work in inches - just subdivide your grid to include the inches you might need when you need it). Maya has a long history that dates to earliest years in CG work so they’ve ironed out a lot of the kinks since I started using first generation of it, way before it was ever called Maya. if you use Maya I prefer to work in Feet (because I’m from the U.S.) and then I turn the preferences back to Centimeters before export because that is easiest for bringing things into UE4 easily.

I think that Sketchup will be the most easy to digest quickly, and with it’s library it gives you a good leg up. Note if you download Sketchup I think you get 30 days to use it free. Once you get past 30 days you won’t be able to import or export FBX files anymore. It’ll cost you money after that, so if you can download it, and do all your main work and exports in the first 30 days you are in good shape.

thank for reply i will try it … maybe use blender only for fbx export