Best VR headset for Unreal Engine

Hi everybody,

I suppose this question has been asked many times but I trawled trough the forums but couldn’t find anything very recent.

I’m looking to get into VR development using Unreal Engine and I’m faced with choosing between the Rift S and Quest 2 headsets (Vive look nice but are out of my price range).

Does anyone have an educated opinion on which of these would be better? Currently I’m leaning towards the Quest 2 because they are cheaper and have a better resolution.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have both, at this point there’s only a few advantages to the Rift S, like the overall fit is better and the speakers are better, and to use the Quest 2 with your PC you have to hook it up with a USB cable and use Oculus Link, which does have a bit of latency compared to the Rift S.

Thanks @darthviper107. I think I would take the better latency over the slightly better display. Annoying though that the Rift S is another $100USD on top of the Quest 2 :frowning:

I would go for the Oculus Rift S. It is at a medium pricing available and advanced enough, to be able to focus on and test all the important parts of VR game development.

If you could find an older and cheapier Oculus Rift, in case your budget is somewhat tight, it would be also equally fine with the Rift S. I have been using the original Rift myself forever and I’ve not seen any benefit to switch to a Rift S.

Though, one thing to pay attention: The thick cable of the older Oculus Rift is problematic and can break, after a lot of use. I, as many others, had this issue at some point, and it’s extremely hard to find replacement - Oculus does not offer any (and generally you can’t get any replacement parts from them - if something breaks, you gotta buy it all new). I “fixed” it by fixating the cable to the headset in a specific position finally. So, if you consider buying a used one, look for a refurbished one and pay attention, that the cable looks straight near the headset, that’s where usually it’s causing the issue.

I personally wouldn’t consider the Quest at all for developing, but it may be the better option if you may want to focus on mobile development mostly.

Testing your game with the correct latency is essential though, imo, when you want to focus on desktop VR.

The Valve Index may have the benefit, that it’s easier to take the headset on/off, or quickly looking outside the headset as also paying easier attention to notifications and other things which may be relevant during development, as also the speakers are not covering the ears.

However, you can test the Valve Index only with the Steam VR platform (I’m not a fan of it). While most other headsets, can be tested with their native API and the Steam platform too.

Thanks for your great insights @dk_innovacy :slight_smile:

I have decided to splash out the extra money and get the Rift S… I’ve never had very good luck with second hand goods.

I’m a bit stuck at the moment to start my VR experiments though because there seems to be a worldwide shortage of Ryzen 5 5600X CPUs. I’m back ordered and will twiddle my thumbs until mid Jan 2021.

In the meanwhile I can watch a bunch of tutorial videos I suppose :slight_smile:

EDIT: The Rift S just came on special on Amazon for the same price as the Quest 2 so I’ve purchased one :slight_smile: