Best visuals; need tips :P

I’m trying to build a small archvis project for an Ipad Pro (9.7inch). Performance is not really an issue and the environment is small, but I am having trouble getting it to look acceptable. Does anyone have any tips or ideas for getting the most out of the Ipad pro hardware? I’m building the project on a windows PC (it’s blueprint only), because I don’t have access to a MAC. Is there any way to get features such as Ambient Occlusion to work on IOS? Thanks for the help!

First of all you should set MobileContentScaleFactor to 2 because in default is set half of resolution on iOS.

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Isn’t MobileContentSccaleFactor=0 that setting for native resolution?

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Cool, thanks for the info! I am still practicing with my actual art/modelings, but in terms of this project I am looking for more technical help. It would be cool to see someones config file or deviceprofile for their game. I’ve been using the Zen Garden project from Epic so far and that is helping alot :smiley:

Mainly I’m wondering: Is there any way to get motion blur to work on Ipad? How can I get eye adaption to work (It’s turned on, and says it’s compatible with IOS, but It won’t work in-game)? And is there any way to get dynamic shadows from point lights, or can they only come from your scene’s single directional light?

Thanks again!