Best video format for HD media textures

I’ve been trying to determine the best video format for playing video textures in UE4 and cannot seem to find a good answer. I need to be able to play between 4-6 video textures at a time, in HD and I am getting a lot of lag (using WMV) as well as textures that do not play at the exact same time. I am testing on a powerful workstation so I don’t believe the issue is with my machine.

At BEGIN PLAY, I am rewinding and playing all of the textures, even if they aren’t being displayed. I believe the rewind ensures that they all start at the same time but have been unable to prove this due to the lag I am getting. Should I only play the textures that are being viewed and stop the ones that aren’t seen?

It seems MPEG4 is good for Windows (which is what I need). WMV works but it is difficult to get the quality where I want it. I’ve got content that I am rendering in After Effects and bringing into UE4 but hope to get a good template setup before I render out all of these videos (about 30 in all). Any advice would be great!

do you only rewind or do you stop - rewind - play? this works best.

Playing videos caused severe performance issues in my project. Luckily, I only had two very short video sequences. Long story short: the brute force solution was to use ffmpeg to extract single frames, import them as sprites, and create a paper flipbook actor in UE4.

I only rewind - play. I didn’t see that there was an option for stop, I thought rewind performed the stop. I will try that.

I’ll look into the sprite option but preferably video will work. I may have to drop the resolution slightly but considering this is for a product demo, the videos need to be good quality.

Edit: Is it possible to only load the textures or unload the textures when I need/don’t need them? My biggest issue seems to be performance at this point. Also, it seems the only nodes for media are pause, rewind, and play.

Finally getting back to this project.

I spent some time reworking my video textures (making them shorter, lower framerate, lower resolution, etc) but you can only do so much before the quality drops a noticeable amount. Just spit balling some possible solutions:

Spawning/destroying the actors containing the textures only when I need them doesn’t seem to help the issue. Perhaps the texture is loaded regardless of whether or not an actor using that texture is loaded (how can I verify this?).

I thought about trying level streaming, where actors using the same video texture are all in 1 level, so I would have something like 3 streaming levels that I’d only stream when I need. However, UE4 continues to crash when I open a streamed level to edit (still researching this issue) and I haven’t been able to determine if this improves performance or not.

A flipbook may be a solution, I’m not sure how this compares in performance to just using a video texture though, given that my flipbook would be at least 1280x720 at 24fps for 10 sec. Thats 240 frames, so I would need to chain together a lot of sprites for this to work.

Can anyone offer any insight to these ideas or anything I am not thinking of? Thanks for the help!