Best video card for archviz

Upgrading an old PC with i7-2700k, 16GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro 600 want to use a modern gaming card for archiviz and product design.
For my budget I’m wondering if will be better a GTX 970 or 1050 Ti.
Didn’t find any useful benchmark for UE4.

GTX 970 if those are the only 2 options. The 970 is about 50% faster.

Didn’t find anything else on the budget, 1060 6GB cost way more than €200, RX 580 also, 780 Ti consume way too much, R9 380X is slower.
Will prefer more VRAM. How will perform RX 480 in UE4 vs GTX 970.

The RX 480 should preform very similar to the GTX 970, just get whatever one is cheaper.

The GTX 970 is great
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