Best Version Control Software for Unreal Engine & Big Projects

I am using Unreal Engine for more than 5 years and accumulated over 200 projects. My master project have a size of over 250GB, and there is also it’s backup, I don’t have any more free space on my computer, so I am looking for a version control system to store my projects. As a developer with many years of experience I managed to make all my hard drives absolutely full and I don’t even have space for installing games. It’s filled with unreal assets, 4k textured megascans(~500 gb), daz/cc3/makehuman assets and characters, a few versions of unreal engine, a few versions of visual studio. Houdini, Substance Painter & Designer & B2M, Adobe Photoshop, Blender & my models & plugins, ~200 unreal projects. Also Unity + a few projects and assets. A library of 1000+ models from Sketchfab. Also HDRI’s and textures from various resources.

  1. Which Version control system is officially recommended to be used with unreal engine? What Epic Games or AAA game development teams are using?

  2. Would it be feasible to use version control with that enourmous project? I imagine that it would take a few weeks to upload it to a server. Also, I doubt anything like github will provide me with 250GB worth of free space.

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Perforce is the one already supported by UE4 interface and it does work well even with binary files, not just text files. There is a stream at UE4 YouTube channel where it is shown how to set it up, and if I am not mistaken was on air one year ago, maybe a little bit more.