Best Unreal Certified Online Schools?

Hello! I am a fairly new developer to Unreal, and have been working a lot in UEFN, but want to expand my knowledge of UE and excel in it. I really want to take a course on UE and was researching the Unreal Certified schools where I could get a certification and pursue a career in game development. I had my eye on Vertex School’s Unreal Engine Game Development Program, but after a little research it seems that it may not be what it is made out to be. Does anyone have any suggestions on an online Unreal Certified school with a good course? Should I give Vertex the benefit of the doubt? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!!

I think we would need to know your location, which I understand is sensitive information; in order to properly help you find a school that teaches Unreal Engine.

I have been interested in game dev since the age of 12 and have worked as a technical artist for a long time. I did go to school when I turned 23, but only went for 1 month because I felt it was unnecessary.

Everything you need to know about game development is online and the only reason you would want to go to school is to get contacts, ease of collaboration and if you aren’t disciplined enough to learn by yourself. Going to school can give you an “in” into the industry, but if you perform well in your chosen discipline you should have no troubles getting a good internship or junior position.

For reference, I live in Tennessee and had planned to attend East Tennessee State University for their game design program, but strayed away in favor for the possibility of attending one of Epic’s certified schools in Unreal. Many of them have online options so I was hoping on doing that since I have a lot of life responsibilities and would be more comfortable for me since I completed high school online. I’ve also considered just not doing any teaching and learning everything on my own to save money, but for my learning style sometimes I need that extra “nudge” or a bit of guidance to help me, so I thought maybe being a part of one of these Unreal-specific courses would help me a ton.

I got paid $400 a month (Sweden), and I still didn’t think it was worth it, and this is one of the best schools in the world when it comes to tech art. If you have to pay for a school say the final bill lands on $30,000, it’s probably worth investing that into a specific role and purpose.

Do you currently have any experience in game development? What do you want to be doing once you are done with your education? 3D artist, Network programmer, gameplay programmer, animator, etc?

The most experience I have has been working in FNC since release in 2018. I have always had a passion for game design but was not sure where to take it and UEFN has been a great stepping stone for me, having pre-loaded assets and familiarity but also using the actual Unreal Editor, and has brought me into using UE5. I also have experience in Blender, where I render characters and have started some animation practice. A few things I want to do specifically is Level Designing, animating, and 3D art.

If you want to make games because of money, it’s likely a bad reason to go into the field. You seem to have experience within the artist field, and it’s great to not limit yourself; but… when you go and look for a job you would need to decide if it is going to be Level Design, animation or 3D art / environment art.

Hey, Did you find a program that you thought would be a good fit? I am currently in the same position. 25 years of work experience 4 with UE but looking for an online program that will give me the certification and the knowledge i am looking for.

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