Best tool for generating normal maps for archvis textures

I’m just wondering what programs people are using right now which they think does the best job for creating mapping for textures?

I use Allegorithmic’s b2m (bitmap to material). You can generate PBR maps (albedo, roughness/reflections, heightmap, normal, etc) from any texture you load in!

You can also check Nvidia tools plugin for photoshop (it’s free)

Here’s a good free web-based resource:

I have tried this at one point, looked like it may do the job, but they wern’t keeping it very up to date with unreal. Do you know if it will work on 4.10 now?

I’ve been using crazybump ( for a while and it works great. You can generate normal, displacement, occlusion, specularity, and diffuse maps with a lot of detail control over the intensity of each texture map. Only downside is the price for a license.

I love NDO, it’s a great tool with the power of photoshop to add any extra details that you might require.

i love quixel suite its reasonable priced and good.