Best tile size for world composition

Hey guys,

I am wondering what the best size (settings) is for each tile (submap) for open mmo world?

I’m wondering this as well. I’m playing around with creating a large world (96km x 96km with 1 ‘continent’ and a number of islands). I’m using world machine to create my landscape with tiles of 2km x 2km. But I’m wondering if that’s optimal or should I drop the size of each tile down further?

Depends on the overall world size, the end user’s target hardware. Lots of stuff to consider.

I’ve found that using very small tiles causes the World Composition tool to crash if im making a massive world, say 100km x 100km. But then if each tile is 4033x4033, that’s a lot to load in.

It all depends on your project.

If you’re an indie dev working on a game looking to maximize performance and work efficiency I’d say 4 or 8 Tiles 253x253 each for a 1x1KM, 2x2KM or 4x4KM Landscape. Don’t make your landscapes high poly unless your working on a heavy simulation or a non playable scene.

I’ve worked with Landscapes over 2x2KM per tile and they were a nightmare. As an indie, every minute of your day counts because it adds up. At some point you might experience engine crashing or world breaking bugs where you’re going to need to constantly iterate and reload your tiles and if they take 10 minutes to load, you’re going to be working very slow. Modifying the landscape itself is also much faster this way.