Best System requirements for making 4k realistic games with UE5.

Will anyone please suggest me system requirements for creating 4K games?
And will 10GB rtx 3080 enough or I have to pay for 3090 24 GB which is 2x+ expensive than 3090. And Will threadripper 3960x (24 cores) a overkill or should I just buy a ryzen 9 3990x? I have to make 2 of them. So, price is really an issue.

→ Want to use c++ for game creation.
1 will be used for lighting, 3d modeling, environment creation, animation and all that stuff while other one will be used for only programming and packaging. Which one should be more powerful?

You’re probably overthinking it, while it’s always nice to have more powerful hardware it’s not absolutely necessary, you can even make a game that supports 4K without being able to run it at that resolution on your development machine. So really the question is what is your budget?
You probably don’t need an RTX 3090, and as far as a CPU goes, go for something newer, like a Ryzen 9 5900, or even the newer Intel CPU’s are good. You don’t need something with a ton of cores because many operations of the software can only use one core so you’d want something that has a high clock speed. Something that benefits from having many cores is building lighting, but that’s not something you’re going to be doing most of the time.

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Thanks for replying. :heart: So, a higher GPU is not really necessary? I don’t know, I might not work on lighting too much but some of the people are making videos of their 3090 is almost destroying, and that’s where my misconception came from. :sweat_smile: I was trying to use some assets from the UE4 marketplace and every time I dragged a material or an asset, UE crashed.
So, I thought maybe my CPU is not that good or maybe the GPU.