Best Stargate Atlantis Map

Hey Guys I started making an Unreal Tournament 2004 map way back in 2010, I got pretty obsessed with it and wanted to be the greatest Stargate Atlantis map ever created for any game ever. I made a little video of it, I plan on porting it to be a UT4 map eventually, what do you guys think :slight_smile: I also made a few cool UT2004 maps (world of warcraft maps and more to come) on my channel, a sub and share would be awesome :slight_smile:

The map is interior plus exterior including the mainland and a detailed ocean, it has every room seen on every stargate atlantis episode plus ones I made up it’s pretty huge but pretty unfinished :stuck_out_tongue: what do you guys think haha

Atlantis tour part I
Atlantis tour part II

Moved to WIP section

Added a new video that might reflect the map a bit better :slight_smile: