'Best'/Standard layout for game project + custom source (Perforce & Git)

Hey guys,

So I have a project working at the moment with the binaries for 4.3, and I wish to switch over to using source code from my own fork on GitHub. I have SourceTree installed, and I use Perforce to store my project (content + code) at the moment.

How would I go about integrating all of these? The dependencies should be on Perforce so I can shift computers on the same LAN as the server without needing much download, but the code I could pull pretty easily (would still prefer on Perforce - slow internet speeds where I’m at). I also need to make sure the project stays intact, and is dependent instead on the source-built version, not the launcher-downloaded binaries.

Any advice?


I actually just got finished sorting out this exact thing.

See this answer .uproject file's EngineAssociation saves a GUID, which causes problems for teams using UE4 source code - UE4 AnswerHub

The best layout is to put your game project(s) in a root directory of the engine.

You can then use a file called UE4.uprojectdirs to further assist in associating the game with that version of the engine

/SomeFolder/UE4.uprojectdirs - text file containing the line: ./