Best site for realistic 3d models?


I’m making a game about nature and I need a site with a lot of ultra-realistic models that I can use. Plants, trees, grass, etc.


is a good place for what you are looking for, if you have the money of course. Free assets won’t look as good as a professional result.




://www.yobi3d is a 3D model search engine. You can see the models in 3D on browser.

All of the above are great but there’s one thing you should consider. Games don’t usually use ‘realistic’ models. When I think of a realistic model I’m thinking about what you would see in a film. Those models are still too huge to use in a game. For instance you can use maybe 20,000 or 30,000 polys on a game character whereas a ‘realistic’ human character may have 10,000,000 polygons. I remember reading that the Devastator model from the 2nd Transformer film took 12 hours just to ‘save’. LOL That’s - hit the ‘Save’ button and wait 12 hours for a computer system with 100,000 node render farm and a ton of proprietary hardware that costs a gajillion dollars to finish saving it.