Best resources for learning UE 4.2X.X?


I would like to learn how to use and program in UE. I have decent knowledge in C++ and would like to use it here. I’ve been looking on the internet for resources but all the courses that I’ve come across are for versions from 2016. I did buy that popular Ben Tristem course on Udemy but it seems to be getting remastered as of right now and I’d like to learn UE during the summer. Rolling back versions wouldn’t be my thing as I know that there have been some drastic changes over the years. What would you suggest I do? Are there any good resources that cover the latest versions of UE? Thank You in advance!

Look at the top of this page. See the Learn tab? Click on it, and then click on Online Learning. That will start you off nicely.:cool:

There are very rich learning resources here.
Almost all UE learning projects you can find. I have been using it for a long time.
Good luck with you
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