Best resources for learning blueprints?

Considering the sticky for learning materials is from 2014 and an edit done in 2016, and we’re now heading towards the year 2020, what are the current best resources for learning blueprints in Unreal Engine 4.22.1?
Video tutorials & example projects are the most ideal but I am also open to other ideas. I want to know about specific videos/tutorials/marketplace assets etc, that helped YOU to learn how to code with blueprints. If it didn’t help you specifically to learn something then please don’t mention it as I’d rather not waste time on random materials that aren’t very good. Thank you for your consideration!

Basically, youtube… :slight_smile:

Agreed, YouTube (Virtus, Mathew Wadstein, Dean Ashford and others that I can’t remember by name but were helpful). Unreal API, Unreal documentation, actually attempting to make something whether you know what you’re doing or not, doing ANYTHING with the engine, various UE4 official videos and much more. It is a constant learning process that you will never really get to the end of. Even what you seem to consider “materials that aren’t very good” have helped me learn things. Sometimes it is bad youtube tutorials that help you understand what not to do. I can honestly tell you I learned things from watching tutorials recreating their poor blueprint logic in my project and later realizing in the context of what I was creating how bad that system was and then taking the time to figure out a more efficient way to do it based off what I started with from a tutorial. Everyone wants this nice, clean, sanitized way to learn…learning is not about the quickest path from point A to point B…not true learning. True learning involves a lot of failure and mistakes and detours. It is through that process that your understanding truly grows. Point being, stop worrying so much about if this or that tutorial is “good or not”. Most likely at this stage in the game anything anyone is doing will be able to teach you something. As you continue to watch and read more material you will come to your own understanding of how to get things done. Also, the learning materials may be old but 90% of the blueprint stuff from them is still true today. I started learning this a couple years ago and I haven’t come across any tutorial that did something that I tried to do in a later version and wasn’t able to do. Sometimes nodes/functions get renamed but they are usually still there somewhere just takes some extra digging to find it. That being said, just pick up some tutorial on YouTube, follow along and start creating things…you will learn no matter what!

YouTube / Unreal-Academy / Wikis / Blogs are a good start…

But my advice is try to find sample projects that are in the game genre you most want to work in. These can act as a ‘base’ for your future games. Go through all the free options first: Community-Tools etc. Then go through all the pay-for templates on the Marketplace etc. Dissect them… Take them apart, and you’ll actually learn far faster. Overall, there are just so many techniques involved in making games, it helps to learn from working examples / projects…