Best Recording Settings? I want to make tutorials

Hi All -

I’m looking to create some video tutorials on UE4. I’d like to ensure the highest quality possible. Thus, I’m looking for advice / recommendations on…

Unreal Engine 4 Settings

I’ve got simple demos…is there a way I can ensure 60fps? Any other tips / tricks to ensure highest audio / video output?

OBS Settings

I’m going to be recording my tutorials using OBS. Open to recommendations to ensure the highest audio and video output possible.

Windows Movie Maker

I’ll be cutting my videos using Windows Movie Maker. Any suggestions there to ensure I’m finalizing my videos with the highest audio and video quality?

Hi Vagrant
Well, not sure about running at 60fps all the time, even in production you will see that if you have the blueprint editor open, this consume lot of RAM, (really a lot), OBS is your best option if your intention is capture with software with 1 single computer, I used to stick to .mkv with full quality, about the sound you will need buy some good headset, sound is very important! I have 1 corsair gaming void 7.1 and the sound recording is unfrikingbelivable, finally about Windows Movie Maker, totally not, use something more professional, at least after effects, you will see how flexible is for quality output

Anyway I do not make tutorials jaja, I just record stuff once in a while for my job

Does having any of the Blueprint editors open really affect performance that badly? I hadn’t heard of this. I DO typically have several open at a time when I’m playing in editor.

Gaming headset? I always thought these are for kids, because of all the color and stuff :D. I’m not a streamer, but I see a lot people using the Blue Yeti and I’m using it too.

However, I agree on the 60 fps. That’s completely overkill. It’s not like you are playing a game. If your tutorial is good, they will listen to you. Nobody will stop watching a good tutorial, because it’s not 60 fps :D. “Oh, this switch from your editor to the game was not smooth, what a bad tutorial” → will never happen


I create video tutorials in UE4 while capturing at 4K resolution using OBS/SLOBS. In general, a solid CPU, GPU, and at least 24GB of RAM should do the trick. If you’re running lower resolutions (1920x1080) then you’ll have more than enough hardware resources to run everything.

TBH, there’s not a whole lot of difference between streaming games and streaming UE4 (besides your memory usage). There are plenty of tutorials out there on how to get a good setup (for cheap) to start recording/streaming…even on the same computer! My advice, grab a couple cheap, soft lights, a decent microphone, webcam and start recording.