Best quality for architectural animation

Hello All!
I am a totally noob so I have a question - what is the best way to achive very good quality of architectural (interior) animation? I have a very simple scene with some lights, skylight etc… I set up 3 cameras with paths and when I render in to the .avi format - it seem to be blurred, less quality etc… It looks much uglier than in gameplay mode… I have tried to record as an avi and the same using Sequencer and writting down .png frames.
Plese help!!!’

Don’t use AVI to record the video, it’s only basic support and isn’t expected to be used. Does the image look OK when you are recording? If so then it should look fine in the saved images.

For the love of god! Tell me how to record the animation in the first place! I got the key frames set up and path. I dont know whats the next step to tell the engine to record it! I made 2 threads and no one EVER replies. Lol

Firstly, many thanks for Your rply’s!!!
I found the solution of my problem, but I don’t know if it is the best way and the most effective…
First of all, I’ve set up in my video card (nVidia) DSR index to 4.00x (native)
I render my animation to separated .png frames using 3840 × 2160 res. (60 frames per sec.)
I open it in Adobre Premiere and export as an Blue-ray 1080p animation.
A achived good quality , byt 15 secounds of animation costs 500 mb disk space…

I have a question - is it possible to make camera ( camera added in sequencer) without any zoom?

Syrom - You don’t have to read and answer such posts like mine:)

Lol. Figured it out. Now im in your stage. Trying to figure out the beat animation output for a medium power machine. :confused: