Best programs to get started?

Looking to start playing around learning this kinda stuff. Right now, I have a 3 year license for 3ds max 2016, unreal engine 4, and I have access to photoshop if i need it. YES, I read around the stickies, and YES I saw that list of free software and resources. Thats a big ole list lol.

So far, I have been spending my time doing familiarization with UE and 3ds’ interfaces, but nothing major yet.

Not looking to make some massive AAA Title here, just playing around seeing how I enjoy it. Thought about doing some kind of puzzle platformer (should be simple enough), then move on from there.

Dig into Unreal first. You can decide what app is best for you to learn when you know a bit of unreal and decided what is most fun for you.
But if you want make any game yourself you are into at least months of learning blueprints, material editor, umg.
So for now i would say do not split your time, focus on unreal. Then you will know what is best to use with it.
Focus on single goals, biggest indie murderer is starting 20 projects and finishing none.

I think a lot of people tend to learn the best by working on project based stuff. My recommendation would be to come up with a very very simple idea for a game, and then go through the process of making it. In that way, you will touch on all the things you will need to learn but in a very practical context.

You sound like me 2 years ago :slight_smile:

Definitely start with UE and I’d follow their tutorials right from this website. As you get familiar with making things happen inside the engine ie, look at more advanced tutorials on YouTube for specific parts you want to implement. No one is going to really be able to point you 100% in the correct direction. But I can say this.

If you want to make a game…start with the engine.
If you want to make art assets…start with Max

Ok, no one really mentions this kinda practical advice on the youtube tutorials haha.

I think Im gonna start by doing a remake of super mario bros (yes, the OG NES version lol). Fair use, not gonna be selling it. A simple side scroller to start learning. That way I can simply take it a step at a time, and it shouldn’t be overly complicated (in my head at least lol).

I’ll dive in :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice guys

Weird, I typed a response but it didnt go through.

Ok, first off, appreciate the advice!

Second off, Im starting super simple. just going to do a “remake” of super mario bros (yes, the NES version lol), and it should allow me to acclimate to the interfaces at least. So, basically doing nothing but using stock textures for now, and then sort that later?

Just try to start a project that is simple and will take you on a journey through the various game dev systems inside of the engine, material/blueprint editors, Animations, Level creation (LODs, Level Streaming, Texturing a landscape properly, foliage tools (Both manual and procedural), Physics Tools, Manitee/Sequncer, multiplayer/co-op, using and creating actors/volumes, AI and possibly paper 2d.

If you need to create normal, specular etc textures use Shadermap

More stable, cheaper and better imho than the older CrazyBump alternative.