Best program for designing interactive architecture for open world games

Greetings Everybody,

I am at the VERY beginning of my journey to try and create a world that I and others can immerse in for hours, days, and even longer. I am researching what programs I should learn to achieve certain tasks. My initial task will be to create the physical world I want to populate with AI animals etc. What programs with an easier to grasp interface are out there that are very good at rendering architecture that can be traveled within.

For example if I wanted to create some ancient middle eastern inspired architecture that people can explore what programs works best for creation and have an easier interface with Unreal Engine 4?


I appreciate your time and look forward to your responses.

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You need:

-a 3d program -> blender, 3ds max, maya I personally would recommend you blender, because it’s free + it has everything that 3ds max and maya has :slight_smile:

  • photoshop or gimp

Hexagon 2 looks promising.

Yet to fully test it out but for 20 bucks and a limited tool set as to object creation only it’s well suited as to use with UE4 with out having a lot of other features getting in the way.

Plus = Easy to learn UI similar as to a Maya workflow and feel.

Downside = No native FBX support, but you can “send to” Daz Studio which is free and has FBX but Hex does have OBJ support.

I actually got Hexagon free a year and a bit ago when DAZ were running that massive promotion (you know, the same one that ended up making DS itself free forever ;)). It’s got a really nice UI last time I checked.

Also got a friend who uses ZBrush but from what I’ve been hearing it’s not often used for stuff like this.