Best program for creating 3D models of buildings?

I can use 3DS MAX to create 3D models for UE4 but if I want to create 3D models of houses with gable or hip roofs, I have to create a box with two sections, select the line down the middle-top of the box, and raise the line so that the box becomes a house with gable roof. The problem is that I don’t know how to find the exact angle of the roof. I know that there are programs for creating buildings such as AutoCAD Revit but I want to create low-poly 3D models for games, not high-poly 3D models for showing people how a building will look like before it’s built. Any suggestions?

I believe blender has a way to display angels and other measurements.

I’ve never used 3DS Max, but does this help?

You can also use normal align on another object to align it to the sloped surface, that will give you something that you can model off of or to find the angle. While working in a mesh, if it’s rotated then you can set your Reference Coordinate System (dropdown at the top of the screen) to Parent, and then when you edit polygons/vertices it will align to the object.

Unreal Engine with Blender (Or Sketchup, 123D Design, or Hexagon)

You can do it in Unreal Engine using BSP’s.

In a Modeler:

1. Blender is free for any usage pretty much, in Blender you just select 2 edges and merge after extruding to the roof height you want, it does have measurement tools for precision.

2. Sketchup is more designed for that type of thing, it has the nice protractor and measuring tape tools, but it cost alot for commercial usage.

3. 123D Design is alot like Sketchup but the licensing probably wouldn’t be a good option.

4. Hexagon is $19.95, old and not developed for a longtime now, but plenty of modelling, sculpting, and UV Map editing features and good for commercial usage. It is very buggy though and 32-bit.

Blender Measurement Units Video: