best process to develop on ue4

im just starting a new project on ue4 and its my first time that i want to make a complete project on it. i did some projects on udk and i know many same parts from there. i learned many things in ue4 and i think i need to learn some others for my project but what i dont know is i want to know what is process to build my game to face less problem by exprience of other developers.

my question is mostly about software engineering for ue4.

i want to know which part should come first?

i think its better to prototype all gameplay elements and after that think about graphics.

for example should i first make player behavior and after that other enemies ai and animation. and can i make character behavior with same thinking of multiplayer and single player? when can i add story or game scenerios for multiplayer?

i know building a game is a itterative process but i want to know what is best for ue4 and for example which parts can be done parallel and which part should be done and after that next one. systems like ai animation blueprints building levels game modes and game rules and…

thank you for helping and sorry for my weak english.

So, first, you shouldn’t do it alone.

  1. Make some basic gameplay, to check if it works, your artists should make some placeholders now for the programmer to make the gameplay testing.
  2. Then if it’s fun make more advanced gamelogic, and better modells in parallel
  3. If you want a game to be mulriplayer, you have to make it liek that from the beginning, or you will have trouble with making it multiplayer.

Why noone mentions the groundwork? Like bringing all elements together. I find that this is an area with not enough information and tutorials.

Plan your game. Create a Game Design Document and fill it with everything you’d like to include in the game. Have a look online for some good examples of design docs.