Best practices UI for 4k monitor

Hi everyone,
have a problem with ui for 4k monitor
I am using pretty big textures 2048 for ui elements but still the results is looking jugged, any ideas?

define Jugged?

Are you testing this on a 4k monitor?
the best way to go about it is to build Up and scale Down. (that’s true with any UI/UX except mobile)

The edges is looking very sharp without any antialiasing, on my texture everything looks correct when looking upclose to it in Photoshop (smooth edges)I am testing it on 4k monitor, yes

can you share some screenshots? Hard to debug and I haven’t directly come across anything like it (but I still hate UMG :P)

Make sure that the resolution of your UI texture matches the resolution that they’re displayed at, they need to be 1:1 so that the pixels line up and that the textures display at full crispness

You say Photoshop, are you working in raster or vector? If you’re working at max size starting in a program like Illustrator (I know some ppl do vector work in PS so maybe you meant that) aliasing shouldn’t be an issue regardless of monitor size. The vector part is what makes them scalable.

Seems like an incorrect shading of a transparent PNG or similar. Maybe even a Mip artifact.

I would test by importing an 8k texture (overkill on purpose) of a gradient transparency and trying to display that.

stretching should not matter if you just add the image to UMG it should adapt and shrink to any screen size (without screwing or altering transparency though)

Thanks guys for the feedback, will try everything you suggest