Best practices: project folder structure


I’ve just started to work with Unreal and I don’t know which “things” I have to put inside the folder Content.

What do I have to put inside the Content folder?

And also, if I have blueprint classes, where do I have to put them?


Assets, blueprint classes, enumerators, data tables, curves, function libraries, materials - everything the project is made out of. Open any template and have a look at the content browser for an example.

Some good reading:

Thanks but I read it and it doesn’t talk where to put the blueprint classes.

Hold on. Are you talking about:


Or Content Browser in the editor? When it comes to the latter, it does not matter where you put stuff, but do organise it in a logical sense:


How to organise it is project dependant but does not really matter unless there’s more people involved and they rely on finding critical elements in the usual places.

Yes, that is why I’m asking. Because I want to put everything in the usual places.

Thanks a lot!

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