Best practices for TC map files?

I just downloaded the new update and realized that all changed map files in the original package are ovewritten with each update.

This leaves me wondering, if I want to change just one part of TheIsland (say PersistantGameplaySublevel_SupplyDrops) for my TC, do I just edit the sublevel, then save a copy and re-substitute it when I’m ready to cook? or what?

I would say backup your files that you modified before you update, then overwrite the new files with your modified. Unless of course they changed something about that base portion of the map.

Pretty much. Updates and verification overwrite all files to their “normal” states, but make a back-up copy of all edited files first (not sure about map files, hadn’t touched them). Just overwrite them back.

What you two suggested was the best I could come up with also.

(And yeah you can just overwrite the map files with old ones if you want to.)