Best Practices for Getting Testers

So what would be the best way to get testers to download your game and get testing?

What methods have you guys followed to get this working for your games? Is it just word of mouth … do you take a shotgun approach and social media spam the hell out of it … what.

At one stage I made a post and people said it was a wall of text and they didn’t bother … the other time I tried a more subtle approach and did some updates over the course of the post … and that hasn’t worked either.

Ultimately every game needs someone outside the team to do some testing and give them critical feedback in order to imporve the game … or the whole point is moot.

So what practices do you guys follow?
Is there some secret club that I am not aware of?
What have you found that works for you and your projects?

Thanks for any enlightenment that I may receive. 8-}

Yeah, Feedback is imo a great issue…
I have these problems, too (I am developing for about 1 year now).

Open posts on reddit, Forums or other platforms doesn’t work as long as it’s not a big AAA title.
Very few people respond or even try it out (and I understand that, since there are thousands of games for ~1$ out there).

I search for testers in the forums I am around.
Look if they “fit”, if they like the type of game and then write a short private message to them.
This worked pretty well up to now, but it is a big efford!

I also thought about a paid job offer “LFW Game testing”, but I haven’t tried it yet.

It depends.
If you want to catch viewer attention then you have to gain his interest somehow.
Picture(static or animated) is the most simple and straightforward way to get attention and it does not require any work from viewer, video - harder to process and I’m not sure it’s going to work if viewer is not interested enough(but if he is - it is a great way to give more serious information), text works good ONLY(IMHO) if viewer already interested and willing to know more about your project.

In the beginning the most important things(imho) are: WHAT you want to show to user and WHY user should even bother. Start with juicy cool pictures and very short texts(Single line phrases) that defines what exactly are you showing and why it could be fun for user, then use smooth transition with short video(for example) that reveal a little more basic information about your game. If viewer is hooked - he will proceed to the full text, because he is interested and want to know what all the fuss was about. And if not - let him leave without overloading with useless information.
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Kaboom WiP Thread Critisim :stuck_out_tongue:

Intro: Nice logo, no additional info. At this point I don’t know anything about your game. The only association - bomberman.
Body: Wall of text, no graphics. No mention of ~genre, visual details(first person, third person, isometric, 3d, 2d etc) and fun elements. Your second line is basically a linear list of accessible actions to player. It’s like “Use pistol to kill enemies at close range. Use rifle to kill enemies at long range when they run into your bullets. For final showdown, pick up the shotgun and kill enemy!” I think you got the idea.
You should encourage viewers to explore your game with stuff that already in game and simple enumeration won’t do this job(imho)
Video: Cropped gray toned video with 2 dudes repeating same actions over 4 minutes ;_;

Sorry if I’m being too harsh, I just want to highlight stuff I think not good as it could be.
Also, I tried to play alpha version, but I had infinite background picture after I pressed “Join” so I had to Alt+f4 >_>

@zeOrb - shot for the feedback … let me address some of those issues and get it sorted.

The endless screen in the alpha version is a known bug … that I am working on … was such a noob mistake on my behalf. 8-{

You could try offering your services to others to test their stuff. A bit of quid pro quo goes a long way. :slight_smile:

Yes, I italicised my Latin. I am that pretentious. :slight_smile: