Best Practices for Bubble Shield Projectile Collision Handling (Single and Multiplayer)

  • I have a character that can spawn a bubble shield around them.
  • Enemies can use the exact same bubble shield.
  • While the shield is up a player can fire weapons that use both raycast and physical projectiles.
  • The goal is to allow a player’s projectiles to go through their own shield but hit the enemy’s.

In single player, I am handling this by creating custom object and trace channels, ignoring them on the player’s shield collider and blocking on the enemies shield collider (different but duplicated BP). For single player, is this the best approach given the limited (18) custom channels? Is there a right way to do this in SP?

In multiplayer, I am currently at a loss on how to handle this since players will be reusing the same projectiles, and same shield BP assets, which in turn will have the same collision/trace settings. Any redirection to the right path would be really appreciated!

In my limited research, I see some possible approaches but nothing concrete, I haven’t looked into these in depth but maybe someone has some feedback on:

  • Tags
  • Owner vs. Instigator