Best practices for blueprint communications in a large and complex hierarchy?

At the top, we have an oversight module that gathers data such as production time, energy used and other costs related information.
Below that are several individual modules.

Each module has an internal process made up of multiple blueprint actors that communicate with the module and also amongst each other.
Some of that data has to travel through the module from it’s child actors, to the oversight module, or between the modules themselves.
This is a matter of timed sequential flow from start to finish, with hundreds of micro steps all synchronised.

I have considered an AI system to take advantage of behaviour trees, animation state machines/montages and level sequences.
With hundreds of actors moving around, tick, timelines and other standards are likely to become a bottleneck.

Physics might be necessary.
Dozens of trigger boxes turning things on/off many times a second already seems like horror.

Event Dispatchers already seem like the right choice, but how do they sync in complex infrastructure?
Are we talking blueprint interfaces perhaps?
What else comes to your mind?

The use case is an interactive presentation for potential partners, investors and customers.

Thank you for your time and may your day be a good one!