Best Practice Weapon looking to center of screen / where and how to place and act the weapon actor?


I have a question. What’s the best practice to present a weapon that is always pointing to the center of the screen.
Where do i have to place the weapon? Simply attach to a hand socket or should it be present in my First Person Character Blueprint?

I already tried to make a Two Bone ik whith the “head” as effector bone space.
I also tried to place the weapon Acotr in the Character blueprint and get the location for the effector there, but it didn’t work.

My target is:

  • Weapon should point always straight forward to the middle of the screen, not matter if the character is moving to left or right etc.

  • In my weapon blueprint i have a Camera. I want to change from 3d person cam (present in Character Blueprint) to ironsight (attached to the Weapon Actor in WeaponBP)

looking forward for your ideas and a big thank you

When it comes to spawning weapons, I’ve always preferred the method EvilEyedGames displays in his third person cover shooter tutorial. His tutorial will give you exactly what you’re looking for. *OLD* UE4 Third Person Cover Shooter Tutorial - 1 Setting the Project Up *OLD* - YouTube

Hi Slavical!

I will now have a look there. Thank you very much!