best practice for unarmed attacks?

Hello i’m working in setup all the animations of my player, working hard to make them work smooth using the animation blueprint.

i came with a question for the unarmed attack, i have few attacks, the player will punch, kick and some basic attacks moves, i have already setup them, but my question is: do i need to let the player to make those attacks while he is moving (blending the animationg using the blend layer per bone) or is better to play the attack in a stand position ?

thanks in advance for all the help.

I suggest watching a fighting videos in boxing, kickboxing, and mix martial arts to give you some ideas about creating an animations. This shouldn’t take you forever it’s just creating animation on Blender I have done it with my basic knowledge of Maya.

Here’s my suggestion your free to discard my thought. I was thinking of creating four types of animations fighting mode, defense mode, “damage mode”, and “tired mode” there’s a quotation because I’m making this up as I go on. In fighting mode the player is in a fighting stances ready for punch, kick, etc… or any strikes and if the opposing player makes the first strike this should signal the other player’s defending mode to be triggered and wait for defense button to be press to make that defense animation work. Then there’s the damage mode and tired mode let’s give these thing for the health bar and stamina bar just like life in real like people get tired maybe something like panting, heavy breathing, chest pumping faster, etc… is all part of the “tired mode” the same goes to “damage mode” where players if get hit in certain parts of the body would touch it or stuff what people would do when they get hurt.

That’s my best suggestion how to tackle this solution.