Best practice for map level construction?

i’m making a level for a game, what will be a best practice for creating it:

  1. using basic shapes from the unreal editor
  2. making the level into blender, 3d studio max and/or maya ?

i’m asking this because the level that i’m working on is based from basic shapes (cubes, cylinders…)

thanks in advance for all the help.

For what you’re saying here, do it all in UE. I gives you so much more flexibility.

You often see people struggling with entire level meshes they’re made in external programs, it’s not pretty.

thank you for your help @ClockworkOcean

Normally you’d do a block out with geometry tools (BSP), then create the actual meshes in blender etc. You can export the BSP generated SM’s to 3D modeling software and clean them up. You can also get better collision hulls using 3D modeling software.…2-blockout.php…l-workflow.php

A lot of info on level design in the Unreal Tournament forums…g-level-design