Best practice for making a game level?

Hello i need to create a level for my game, an entire hospital, 3 or 4 floors, with many rooms and all the assets to make each room looks good.

my question is very simple, what will be the best practice, make the entire structure (floors, room, walls, ceiling, doors) in the unreal editor and then add the assets to make the room take live or just model the entire hospital into a 3d software like 3d studio or maya ?

thanks in advance for all your help.

For me my prefrences is is making the structures such as walls and floors and etc in your 3d program and then arrange it in unreal so that way the assets can be recyled when you need it and also sometimes real world refrence image helps a lot

thank you for your answer Neo_Maister

You can block out the level with bsp and replace it later (when happy with 3d models), but i would take a blueprint and model the structure in your 3D app, then you can be sure, that the scaling is right.
Then look out for free models Google , to fill it quick, and replace them later.

I personally use the modular way for that -> so I create a package of important things like walls, doors,… and then put them together in the UE4 -> you will get a better performance, because you can use LOD’s and culling :slight_smile:

thank you for your answers, very helpfull