Best practice for maintaining an asset library?

Hello- I am developing a library of common assets to use at my work, materials and models mostly, but I’m not sure I know the best way of distributing/hosting them to make it convenient for my coworkers.

The only method I am familiar with presently is to create an Unreal project with all of my models and materials in it, and then open that project and migrate all of its content into future projects every time we need to use a single asset. Selectively migrating individual assets seems like it wont work because (correct me if I’m wrong) migrating a material doesn’t bring it’s dependencies (ie bitmaps) along with it.

Is there a guide or something out there describing a better way to reuse old content?

as long as they’re not blueprints with branching references, you can pretty much just drag and drop individual .uassets from one windows explorer content folder to another. But then the only thing to pay attention to is the original path’s folder hierarchy as the .uasset has to land in the same hierarchy within the new content folder. The original content folder can even be zipped to save space.

If you have the means and an internal server.
move all the FBX and Textures to said server in a shared folder.
create the master project on the server, move all the uassets / update the source files to be the shared file with the shared directory.

make sure the project is also shared.

Your coworkers will then be able to launch the project directly from the shared folder and take what they need- be it a texture, a whole material, or geometry.

This can also extend to audio, landscapes, etc.

The process of copying what they need is up to them / copy the single uasset or move the texture to the local project.

make sure the server files are locked with read only so that you can prevent any modifications to the textures/fbx/wav etc.

Thanks for the responses, sorry I didn’t see them until now. The suggested methods are what we are currently resorting to, but I still feel like it is needlessly complex.

With Epic’s acquisition of Quixel, I’m hoping that Bridge will serve as a good content manager, but I’m having issues with that too.