Best Practice for Interior?

Hi there.

I want to start Level Building.
What is the best practice for the interior of a mansion?
Should the rooms be one mesh, or should the rooms consist of multiple single meshes?
What can you guys recommend when it comes to ornamentations?
What is the best practice to keep perfect symmetry?

I split building into many parts [floors, walls, stairs etc], building collisions for this parts and put it into scene.

perfect symetry is easy. just do one side and duplicate+invert one axis.
have a good read over some modular design for games documentation to get a grasp of the workflow.

something to take in mind is the balance you have to maintain: the more individual objects you have on screen (plus the number of materials each has assigned to it), then the more draw calls your CPU has to make. Typical games aim for ~4k atm. The trouble with having too few objects at a time is you end up rendering things that arent on screen. for instance, if the whole mansion was one object and you were standing in the kitchen, then the GPU would still have to render the bathrooms, lounge, bedrooms, etc… because it doesn’t know that they arent on screen because its all one mesh.

Thanks, but Modular seems a bít weird for a manor or a house.

Do you receommend to model a house completely in a Modeling tool?
Ever room would be single mesh then I guess.

The modular way is the more efficient way to do. Even complex envis are done with simple props. I’d say 80% of modular props and 20% of hero props. It will be the most quick and versatile way to do…
Just my opinion of course :wink:

@Raildex_ if you dont want to build modular assets, you will be have a hard time in unreal engine.

Well my cough cough process is to build the layout first in 3ds Max as a 3d blueprint and then import the mesh as a single object into a 3rd person template in UE4. This way I can set the relative scale of the environment first to make sure that the player will fit through doors, does not jam up with other players moving down and around the hallways and in relationship everything looks correct to the 3rd person.

The objective is to first define the volume of space the player will be moving around with in and then remove elements of the 3d blueprint as deco is added via iteration

I’m a noob regarding 3D Modelling, but I guess modular assets are the best practice.

It would be great if you could model the meshes and also layout them in a modelling program.
3Ds max and I guess every other modelling Programm uses instances of objects. It would be great to Import the layout into UE4.


What do you think about my first attempt?

The pillars and the Panels(1x1m) are single static meshes, the same for the plaster wall and the “ceiling”
is this “too” modular?

You are a noob? oO This looks quite nice! Good work.

Very nice but if you follow many of the interior UE4 tutorials for interiors you will gain the knowledge of not just the Structure but the AWESOME lighting that can enhance your textures and room by it self…

Take also a look at BSP… alot on the memory of the game apprently but for building its amazing (almost like a basic 3dsmax)…
Go UE4…

anyone know if you export a bsp to staticmesh then to FBX and reimport would this fix memory loss/ usage?..

As far as I’m aware, you shouldn’t have any memory loss after you convert your BSP to a static mesh, export it to 3DS Max, model in that file, then reimport it. Is that what you are asking?

Progress so far. Don’t mind the messed up textures, I used a simple Image as a texture earlier and now I create multiple materials.

Someone have advice on tunnels/archways? Is an Arch-Spline and Extrude the only way to go? :confused:
Whats the best way to create textures?

BSP is ****** though. It’s better to use a modelling program from the beginning.

Yeah that was exactlly what i was asking =)

i would use 3dsmax more but the UI went so confusing for me as i used pre days ie 3dmax as its name no number lol
i didnt follow it, blender came maya too… lost and BSP was first back into modeling with ease of things like cut weld see in protoyping with some awesome lighting looked good…

BTW your Full Image is AMAZING!!

definetly +1