Best practice for buildings?

I was watching a tutorial and he was explaining why using blocks to build the pieces is a better option. However im not very sturdy with my mouse and im always a few cm off and im constantly fixing at different camera positions.

Wouldn’t just building 4 big blocks be quicker? and use subtractive boxes for windows and openings?

Any thoughts?

You can try positioning them by values.

I’m curious to know as well, would using subtractive boxes to make windows and other openings be less advised than just making pieces on their own (additively)? How well does the engine handle either option?

It doesnt matter how you make them. BSP’s are there to help you design your level, you shouldnt be keeping them for the final version of your game. And the reason for that is static meshes are cheaper performance wise.

The best practice would be to avoid using builder brushes for buildings, build them in your modelling program. Builder brushes are best for just blocking out areas and basic geometry.

The way our group is using BSPs is our level designer is using them to visualize the level and block out rough ideas for buildings. The buildings are then exported as an FBX to hand off to our modeling team with a screenshot from inside the game of the building plus any notes about the building.

This way if in the design he wants a particular line of sight for the building he makes the windows beforehand or lack of windows. Basicaly this allows him to get the level built and the programmers can test it without needing the final model, so all the people can work in tandem.