Best pooling method for a bullet hell?

Hey guys I just wanna know the best method of pooling

This is the method I came up with:


Component based bullets

Pooling actor that will store bullets once used and send out when needed


(According to our research,
Actor components are less proformance taking,
Compared to actors

With component based bullets, we could combine it with object POOLING,

An special actor will hide the bullets at a certain location,

Disable collision,

Hide mesh,

It will make proformance must faster

We make a MESH component that that attaches itself to the bullet it will serve as COLLISION and APPEARANCE)

(I’m not sure if this is a great idea what do you guys think? Should I do this or stick with good ol ACTOR POOLING not COMPONENT POOLING or is it worth the extra proformance)

If you wish to simulate any physics after swapping to “fake” version I would go component if not you could actuly try a decal with some displacement. This could then be a life time or persistent item. The decal method can be tricky to get right but with a few variations could look close.
Hope this helps

Ok! I’ll try that soon

Anything else?