Best Plugin/Tool to build Procedural Modular Structures for Beginners?

I’ve been using Quixel Megascans structures a lot lately. As fun as it is manually constructing buildings (literally like Legos, the nostalgia is real), I’ve been looking for plugins or tools that could help me build modular buildings rapidly, but a lot of them I’ve come across are incredibly complicated, or don’t have a satisfactory answer to what exactly I’m looking for.

I’ve tried looking at the Houdini Plugin, the same one they used in The Matrix Awakens demo, but only kept finding general tutorials on how to use Houdini Engine, or demos of other Paid assets that work well with it, but no installation guides. Another one I’ve begun to look into is Procedural Building Generator, but it quite complex and it might take me a while before I know how to properly use it.

I was curious if anyone knows another Plugin or Tool that they would recommend beginners to start with procedural building generation.