Best place to learn some basic c++ ?

Like the post say…where do people learn c++ for unreal engine today ? :)…I want to learn all from the basic like creating a pause screen ? :)…I know I can do it in blueprint and use the Pause / Unpause functionallity …but how do I crete the same thing in c++ ? I have I lot of different keys to map in …all from chancing to diffrent cameras to use Different GameModes for my Rts game :):smiley:

There are many paid tutorials around, although a great way to get used to the UE4 workflow is to follow the simple tutorials on EPIC’s youtube like the Battery collector series. (Link below)

Do this code even work still ? :eek:…4.19:)

I dont see why not, its a really simple project, some functions might have been deprecated but its easy to swap them out, if you stumble upon one thats deprecated usually there is a message that tells you which function to use instead.

The tutorial mostly helps you get used to the UE4 workflow and how the commonly used classes and functions work, those havent changed much, if at all.

I just know they did som big chances in 4.18 thats all :).