Best Place For Free Game Assets & 3D Models?

Hello all the glorious people of the UE4 forum I’m new to Unreal Engine and game development and I’ve been working the past 2 weeks on a project.All I would like to know is what sites are there that are best for things like free 3d models and animations and assets(excluding the UE4 assets store of course)? Thanks any help is always appreciated. :smiley:

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I just found and i bought some of a very nice assets which is a low cost. And they also have a free stuff as well.

here is a site for free and paid 3D models: and here is a site for 3D characters and animations all free:

Hello BobbyTheSuperDoggy,

Perhaps it will be useful to you. I develop 2D games and download free game assets on craftpix.

This site has a solid library of free (non-commercial use only) 512x512px and premium versions of textures + maps of you are into 3d rendering.
Each product has direct links to the free copy without signups etc.


Multipinkiller Studio - Looking for free assets for unreal engine 4? Check out my free and also premium asset collections. 3D models with clean geo and uv’s, materials, animations, blueprint projects - great for prototyping or to learn by re-engineering!

Find me also on Sketchfab - Multipainkiller Studio (@Multipainkiller_Studio) - Sketchfab

Example - Free Collectable Item Pack for Unreal Engine 4