Best performance: Destructibles, rigid body physics, or multiple static mesh actors?

Hi there,

I’m working on destructible wooden crates, and I was wondering which method was best for performance. The automatically generated destructibles don’t look so good for wooden crates and they have a pretty big performance hit.

So I’m planning on making destroyed versions of these crates, made of several broken chunks. However I’m not sure whether it’s better to rig them as a skeletal mesh and import as a rigid body, or as several static mesh actors and spawn them all when the crate actor is broken. Also, if I were to use the second method, should I spawn them as individual actors or just keep them as static mesh actor components inside the original crate actor?

My game doesn’t really centre around destructible crates so there probably won’t be over 10 on screen at once.

Any advice or suggestions are appreciated, thanks in advance.