Best OS for UE4?

I have recently come across a 1tb WD black! And it’s legit! I only use UE4 on Linux… It’s buggy as hell! But still great! I
But now to the question at hand. What Windows OS runs Ue4 the best? 7,8.1?

P.S. I have only 8Gig memory.

I’ve run UE4 smoothly on win 8.1 and win 10 preview, have not got any problems related to OS

8.1 looks like the cheapest. I guess I will probably get that.

I run it on windows 7 -> never had any problems :slight_smile:

I got no problems with Windows 8.1.

I`ve ran it on windows 7, 8.1 and win10. No problems on windows. I ran it on Mac OS X Yosemite with ue4.5 and it crashed more often than on windows.

Tried 4.7.4 on MAC and Win 8.1. MAC version crashed the whole MAC.
Not sure if 4.7.6 fixed the issue.

I only work on Win 8.1.

Weird… But the most supported one is the Windows Version.

The crash was fixed in 4.7.6 i think.

4.7.4 is the version my friend uses on Mac. Maybe it only happens to certain people?

I would say any of the recent windows will probably be about as good as each other, although if I had to choose I’d go with 8(I would have said 10 but as its only a preview it will change)

that’s probably because there was a windows version of UE4 long before there was a mac version.

Let’s hope 10 is actually good. Not a PHONE OS masquerading as A computer OS spat out into the market place. (As you can see I’ve had problems with it before. at my Church!) But I will probably go for 8.1, as it is cheaper!

And you’re so right about the Windows version. It was there first. And more people use it! (Just hope they still give more attention to the Linux version.)

I have Windows 10 and it looks nothing like a phone OS.

Did you add the Classic start menu? (By the way I use Windows ME. I’ve suffered through the worst. And 8 almost dethroned ME!)

Nope, I have standard Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview v10074. The start menu in Windows 10 is better than Windows 7.

*** I thought we were talking about 8! Sorry! Windows 10 actually looks pretty good. And if I don’t like it… Will someone create a Windows 3.1 looking Start menu! :slight_smile:

P.S. You haven’t lived through hell unless you have used Windows 2.0! It crashes all the time! :frowning: