Best/Optimal way of creating buildings

Was wondering as far as buildings which is the best/optimal way creating them?

Via BSP and such within UE or make building assets with a 3rd party program like 3dsMax/Blender/Maya/etc…?

Always go with assets from a modelling program if you can, static meshes are lot cheaper and more performant than any BSP in almost all ways.

That said, BSP is still fine for prototyping and white-boxing :slight_smile:

Why is performant not a word?

Thanks for the feedback! Also probably a stupid question but is there some sort of character reference that can be put into any 3d modeling software (same size as the UE model) so that you can make everything at a proper scale?

way I do it is just take and export the chracter from UE4 and put it in anything then just make a box around it

Cool cool, I will give that a go, thanks!

you might not want to use the default character as its made a lot taller then an average human so if for example you made say a normal house door the default player would look too big for it or if you made an assault rifle it would look too small compared to the player(even more so if you want a female character) because in UE4 1 unreal unit is supposed to be 1CM so you might be better off if you just model to scale using real world dimensions rather then using the default character as a reference to try and get the right size for your models.

I was gonna learn google sketchup entirely for buildings, but whenever i exported it into blender to do additional work the thing had some kinda criss- cross effects on the faces.

Sketchup is only useful for blocking out or concepting when using it with UE4 or 3D apps. It doesn’t create very clean geometry and anything from it probably needs to be rebuilt from scratch.