Best Office Chair?

I have no idea where to put this, and I didn’t find any chair threads recently, so here goes.

I am running consultancy services from last 2-years and I have stumpy chairs in our office visitor room, but they’re not very comfortable for long periods of sitting to and have a smaller back support.

My friend suggest me about bungee chairs I checked site also, stuff like this chairs:

Looks incredible. But need cheerful recommendations? Or go crazy. Let me know what is your recommendations.

Can’t speak for bungee chairs, never tried them. But I’m using simpler office chairs now too after changing over.
The back is a see-through mesh material, search for ‘office chair meshback’, these are more comfortable imho.
They don’t look flash but game over for faux-leather / vinyl. Talk about uncomfortable and unhealthy (off-gassing)…

The chair is everything it makes you experience form comfortable to painstaking. You don’t want to sit in a office chair that has no support and etc. Make sure you get a good one.

I use a mid 80’s leather lazyboy pushed up to my PC…

But in practical new chair terms, those bungee are pretty nice. The mesh one’s are fine too.

I prefer a chair bag.

Basic, cheap office swivel chair. I’ve got a dodgy back too, so I have a small cushion shoved in behind me to keep my spine in the right position.

I don’t know how this topic is related to UE4 or any other unreal engine product!


  1. The OP (or the Mods at least), have posted this in the right forums section.
    2 .It takes years to learn UE4, users might as well start out with a comfy chair. :stuck_out_tongue: