Best new laptop for ue4?

Hello, I recently downloaded ue4 on my desktop PC but my very old computer (over 10 years old) doesn’t have a good enough processor or graphics card to handle software. Decided that this is my final excuse to get a new computer. I also want a laptop that will be portable but powerful. Also, not to pricey. Maybe under $250.

P.S. I know I’m going cheep but, lets say, I don’t have much money as an 8th grader.

There are not a lot of options for 250 bucks, even used laptops will cost more.

Also, Powerful or portable. You can’t get both. Avoid laptops. Laptop parts can’t be replaced in case of failure.
6 years old i7 laptops can’t handle unreal

General advice: save money, there are no laptops for such sum
If you have a desktop, you can upgrade some components if your mobo is compatible newer hardware

Thx for the info. I just had this thought. Can I replace only the tower but keep my moniter? My limitations On but my tower is glitchy.

Unfortunately, $250 is not enough for a laptop.

If you want to upgrade your PC, you probably just(!) need to replace CPU, mobo, RAM, GPU and PSU. Yes, these are the expensive parts of your PC, but at least this saves you paying for a new monitor, HDD, case, keyboard and mouse. You can replace those later.

Looking at places like Newegg, you can get a new CPU, RAM and mobo for your budget. You’ll still be without a PSU and GPU, though. It looks as if you will either have to go second-hand or start mowing some lawns. :slight_smile:

(Or working on a farm) :slight_smile: Thx.

Good luck!