Best monitor for game development and game art?

I’m trying to decide which monitor is better for game development and gaming. I have decided between LG 27UK650-W and the ASUS ROG Swift PG279QZ. Now, which is more important? 4K and 100% color accuracy or 2K and high refresh rate with pretty good color accuracy? Does 8-bit and 10-bit color matter for game development? What about concept art and texture making?

1440p is not 2k. If anything, 1080p is 2k since 2160p is 4k. I haven’t used a 4k monitor for game development so I don’t really have an opinion on the resolution experience.

I’d personally only go for 10-bit color if you’re developing a HDR game, but at that point, I’d also suggest using a good HDR TV instead of a gaming monitor for testing. Support for HDR within Windows and various applications still kinda sucks. HDR doesn’t matter at all for game development outside of shipping an HDR title.

For color accuracy, just get a color calibrating tool and recalibrate your monitor every 6 months. Either IPS monitor should be more than good enough once calibrated.

For refresh rate, if you’re making an FPS, sure go for high refresh if it’s not going to cost you much extra. But for most other games, I’d stick to 60 fps to mimick most players experience. High refresh is nice, but an optional perk.

If you can afford the price these are some:

I think 2K is 1440p and 4K is 2160p. If you go on any monitor website or Newegg and click on 2K, it will give you 2560 x 1440. 4K is 3840 x 2160. It’s based off the horizontal resolution not vertical.

That’s actually a good idea. A lot of HDR monitors and Windows sucks when it comes to 10-bit support and HDR. I have thought about getting a new HDTV since my Sony 1080p HDTV is an LCD and 10 years old. I think I’m going to go with the high refresh rate 1440p monitor since it will be more reasonable for my graphics card which is 1070.

Typically, the gaming monitors aren’t going to have high color accuracy, if you want something with high color accuracy you’re going to have to look into a separate category of monitors.

That’s not true darthviper107, plenty of gaming monitors have great color. The ones OP listed have a 95 and 98 for RGB on

disagree they dont, you need to look at many things also black to white ratio and brightness distribution among many other things . Which is why good monitors start with price tags 600 dollars and up.

to op 4k means nothin but more cash spent not worth it unless you .have money for it. But it should not be 1080p either, the monitor must at least support 2560 resolution which most pro grade monitors do.

i suggest to go with Dell ultrasharp series.

Gaming monitors often have an issue with black levels/contrast/banding, if you are specifically looking for something for color then you need something like this:…/dp/B005JN9310

I just leave this here for mention a budget one. By connecting up via displayport it is producing truly amazing 8bits color depth, and decent response time. I have been verified both of these claims already, as well as the panel itself which is assembled with - an LG product, seen it from panel distributor catalogues. Funnily enough Asus also have a product with the same panel but it is/was sold for double the price. So it is the better deal.

Just wondering how many of those displays from the 1K-2K price range will be satisfying the promises, and how much of the real advantages they provide (for the price) over the cheap ones such as this.

ive used almost all types from 3k cost to 600 to 300 between the 3k and dell ultrasharp 600 dollar monitors i found no real justification unless you are working for extrene color grade final film level. I have been using dell ultrasharp and the color + contrast ratio has worked very very well for many years now. If you notice most gaming studios including blizzard had some of these monitors for all their artists you can even see them in making of footage.

Philips was making great working 4k monitors (because they were quite cheap).

However refresh is not good for fps games, and color representation is like in average office monitor. But price made it very affordable. And it is great for all around unreal things.

Well is it going to be an upgrade from my Asus VS239H-P monitors? I have 2 of these and looking to upgrade to either the Asus Rog Swift monitor or that LG 4K 60hz monitors. My budget is $700 maximum! I’m making a game inside of Unreal Engine 4 with old style PS1 graphics. Is refresh rate a big deal?

Yes i did seen it, and many companies do have one of these Dell series at their stations regardless of the use case (outside of gaming / studio etc). Your comment also confirms this for me, that it is a very good model especially for the price.

While this may not true for this model, but have you try using these displays over displayport? I have noticed this on my Dell it is producing much better color (8bit) and response times once connected from DP.

While this may not true for this model, but have you try using these displays over displayport? I have noticed this on my Dell it is producing much better color (8bit) and response times once connected from DP.

The most important criteria in this domain should be the monitor’s resolution and frequency, to the smallest details in the best quality.

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