Best Method for Creating a City


I am going to build a section of Prague in my game, and to do so I was going to use the landscape tool as the base and build the buildings on top of it using modular parts. Is this the best way to do it, or does anyone have any recommendations that would helpful? Thanks.

Make them in Maya.

CityBuilder, or to prototype city sizes you can use the Foliage brush, just set collision radius’s, slope/direction placement, and if you are good you can actually get some nice “Procedurally/Randomly placed buildings :P”

you could try Houdini
here are some tutorials etc
cmiVFX has Two tutorials on making cities - Houdini XML Based Procedural Cities and Houdini Procedural Cities
cities are a popular topic:

Houdini - Procedural City Generator I on Vimeo -part one of 3