Best method for creating a cave in a landscape

Hi there, I’m about to begin creating a cave for a landscape I have built and I would like to know the best way to go about it.

I’ve made the hole in the landscape using a landscape hole layer, but I’m confused as to how to make a seamless join from my landscape floor to the floor mesh of the cave area. I figured I could possibly just model some stone steps or something to cover the seam at the entrance, but is there a better way to do this?

The walls and roof of the cave is no problem because I will just create an arch of stones to cover that seam.

Yes after the hole just model the cave. Be happy the landscape hole tool is working for you. Haven’t tested in the latest build but it hasn’t been working for me.

No worries, I’ll take some screenshots when I get home and post em up here. Might help some people running in to issues.

Thanks for the info OSIAS.

Yes, please show some pictures :slight_smile: This is always some sort of an issue to get it done in a beautiful way^^

I wouldn’t call it beautiful but here are some screenshots. You can see I added the Landscape Visibility Mask node (required for making holes) to my landscape material which also has a World Aligned Blend hooked up to several landscape layers. One Sand+Rock layer and one Grass+Rock layer, so I can paint either sand or grass and still get the same rock texture on the sloped landscape.

This is how I did it and it works, if anyone has any suggestions though or ways to improve my material I’d love to hear it. I’m a complete beginner to this stuff, it took me a few days to work all this out.

Could you explain in more detail the node details settings?

Ya please do if you can, the images aren’t clickable so there is no way really to see enough detail, though if any of us had to it wouldn’t be that hard to figure it out:

Landscape Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation < go here, then after you make Material, choose link at end of ‘how to make hole’ named opacity painting which shows you what to do with materal you just made to create hole .


If you want to make a cave in the landscape use the landscape visibility tool.
Here’s a video I made which will help.