Best long-term mgmt of Quixel/Marketplace assets?

I’m trying to setup a long-term plan/process for managing downloaded Quixel/Marketplace assets on my PC. Due to a very slow Internet connection where I live,
my ideal world would be to place these downloaded assets in a common folder
where I can then Migrate them to projects as needed WITHOUT having to
re-Download and Add to Project with every new project.
(currently I kick-off these downloads in the evening, because most take
6-10 hours to download for me.
Sorry - moving to a location with a better Internet Connection is not an option. :wink:)

It appears the Quixel/Marketplace processes doesn’t work that way and you have
to download for each new Project.

I searched this site and didn’t find any posts on the topic. I did review
the “Working with Assets” course by Mathew Wadstein but it didn’t address
Quixel/Marketplace assets specifically.

The only option I was able to think of was to create an empty Unreal project(s)
and label them as “Quixel_Downloads” / “Marketplace_Downloads”
for the sole purpose of storing these specific assets, then migrate from there as needed.
I want the flexibility of being able to re-structure/rename/move this “library” of assets as needed going forward, and not sure the UE Project method is the best process for this.

Is there a better way that I’m not seeing? Thanks!

Hi JohnG500,

Making projects like you say works well - I did it that way for many years, I had a slow connection too.

Maybe look into StarLink - if it’s available in your area it’s well worth it.

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Thanks so much for the quick reply and confirming I’m on the right track!

As for StarLink - I thought about that, but my wife is totally against putting a 2nd Dish on our house (already have DTV). I’m going to see if Verizon offers a 30-day trial of their 5G Home Network. We get a weak 5G signal here (2 bars), but it might be enough to cut my download times to an acceptable level.

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