Best laptop choice for Architectural scenes in VR ?

I’ve been looking for a while now for the best Portable laptop for architectural UE4 VR scenes as I have to show off my VR work in different locations and using a pc for that just won’t work.
With a budget up to 3200$ i was really confused on which brand I should go for Asus , Alienware, Acer, MSI or even origin as i heard they’re using desktop CPU\ GPU which should be more powerful? ]
In my mind I was thinking that maybe I should get a laptop with gtx1080 and an 8th generation intel chip so i don’t have to upgrade for a while as obviously u can upgrade everything else but those.
Am I thinking about this in the right way ? or should i settle for a gtx 1070 and less powerful chip as it wont last as long as i think it would ?
any contribution would be appreciated !

The Razer Blade has great VR support, it’s good for Oculus since it has all of the USB ports you can do VR without needing a power plug.

We use 17R5 w/1080 as standard travelling system across regions for better OC and cooling. If possible, try avoid thin form factor like Razer Blade as these system tends to thermal throttle after long-time running, which you don’t want this to happen while attending conference/exhibition. Also don’t want to judge on DTRs like origin, but if you are going to use it frequently, you need make sure the next business day onsite support is available, in case anything goes wrong (we usually will have one more as backup). The painful point however, is all mobile system doesn’t support Intel’s wireless adapter for Vive even with external graphic enclosure, just be aware.