Best introduction courses to EU?

Hello. I want to get generally familiar with EU, its interface and capabilities.

As time goes, the number of “Introduction to EU4” courses that appear online rises. What in you’r opinion some good introduction courses to EU4? I don;t mind paying for those if they are good.

My background is:
2)3D artist

Thank you.

I highly recommend following through the following youtube tutorials.

I’m currently around 120/200 videos in and feel much more confident with my UE4 abilities than I was when I first launched the program. I’d also recommend performing the steps alongside the tutorial and not being afraid to experiment once it’s done. This series has been an absolutely enormous help to me and I believe that anyone who has the patience to go through it all will gain a lot more confidence in their skills with the program.

Plus, these are published and made by the same guys who made unreal, so they know exactly how everything works.

Here’s the link: